Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't Ask

As an officiant, there are certain things I will not do. I am happy to perform both religious and non-religious ceremonies, but I will not participate in anything negative. If a ritual action is requested of me that pushes my "creepy button," I will take a pass on doing it. Scented smoke is one thing. A goat's head or any effigy with pins is a whole other story.

I will also not put a signed and witnessed marriage license through the shredder instead of in the mail box because a groom had too much to drink at the reception and got overly friendly with a bridesmaid. I am happy to help a couple celebrate a commitment ceremony (one-sex or two-sex partners), but I will not "pretend" to legally marry somebody who can't actually tie the knot in the eyes of the state. I will also not impersonate an elected official, Elvis Presley, or any of a wide range of prophets and dieties.

If none of these "won'ts" interfere with your plans, I will most definitely be happy to help with your big day.

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