Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sand Ceremony: Blending a Family With Young and Grown Children

The sand ceremony is a versatile unity observance. In its most simple form, the bridal couple pours two containers of sand into a third empty vessel to symbolize the blending of the particles of their lives to create something altogether new that will never be separated again. It's a wonderful visual of what has just occurred spiritually.

In the case of a couple bringing children into a marriage -- especially children of varying ages -- the sand ceremony can be a way for the entire blended family to participate in a ritual action together. Each child can have a separate vial of sand of a different color and add it to the family "mix." In the instance that the ages of the children vary and an older child isn't comfortable pouring sand with a toddler, or a child of any age is unable to be present at the wedding, the parent of the child may add sand on behalf of his or her son or daughter to the container.

The implicit message of the sand ceremony is, "You are everything you were before, and now you have a family who surrounds you."

This is a reassuring message for anybody at any time -- but especially for the child of a parent who is remarrying.

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