Monday, January 10, 2011

Small Wedding, Big Memories

Somebody commented to me recently that I must love doing "small" weddings because they are "easier."

There is nothing "easy" about any wedding that is officiated with the proper amount of respect given to the enormity of the life event unfolding -- however simple the setting or the observance. I am also keenly aware that the intimacy of a small wedding is far greater than anything that can be observed by a crowd. (How much "up close and personal" do you think Prince William and his bride will actually experience?)

As an officiant, I strive to do my best work when I know that every word, every gesture, every facial expression is in full view of everybody in the room. And because there are few distractions, there are fewer places to hide when something isn't exactly right. On the other hand, the closeness in proximity to each other of the participants in the celebration of a small wedding means that there is more genuine communication and less empty pageantry and posturing.

So no -- "small" weddings are not easier. In fact, in many ways they require more work on my part. However, they remain my favorite celebrations of any kind, and I am always delighted when somebody says of their upcoming special day, "It won't be very big..."

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