Thursday, February 10, 2011

Les Enfants Terribles: When the Sugar and Spice Are Rancid

As an officiant, I am more than an a casual observer of small children. Many are members of wedding parties, and their willingness as participants in their parents' pageants varies dramatically. Others are young guests at the weddings in question. Over the past several years, I have noticed what I think is a distinct trend among very young girls -- particularly those ages 4 and younger. Many of them are adorable to look at, and demonic to deal with.

What is going on out there in Princess Land? And, if a little girl child has been cultivated into budding as a very tiny monster, what will happen when she hits the tween years?

I will freely admit that I haven't raised a small child in a couple of decades. But my experience is far more recent than prehistoric, and I am stunned at what passes as passable public behavior for very short females.

I think we could be in for a really rough ride with teenage girls in about ten years. In the meantime, I am considering investing in some shin-guards.

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