Friday, February 11, 2011

Why I'm Not Expensive

My work as an officiant falls somewhere between a ministry and a sole proprietorship. My goal is not money-oriented, but I do need to make something to keep going. However, my financial hybrid status also causes some conflicts.

I prefer weddings that do not resemble coronations. I find that the smaller events tend to be more focused, intimate, and rooted in priorities that I can support with both text and conviction. Therefore, I try to keep my fees affordable so that almost anybody can secure the services of an officiant who is trained, literate, and really does give a rip about what is going on.

However, because I am affordable, I am sometimes seen as being naive, "not upscale," and status deprived. Somebody actually said to me, "I think you get what you pay for. So I want to pay more than you charge."

I am actually okay with all of that.

If a couple wants to pay an exorbitant amount to somebody to marry them, and it will make them feel "more married," I say go for it. But you won't be hiring me.

In the meantime, I have made the decision to stick with my modest rates, because I think it's the right thing to do. Somebody has to draw the line, and I just did.

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